Aim Higher With College Catalyst.

College Catalyst by SMASH Admit is a free college readiness platform that gives young people access to videos and resources to help them find their college fit.

Built For All

We envision a world where all students have equal access to high-quality college prep resources they can use to navigate the admissions process.

Get High Marks

Students who join College Catalyst will get access to the same college admissions support that has helped SMASH Admit students achieve a 95% college enrollment rate, and commit to schools like Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley and more.

Take Your Pick

College Essays

Learn how to craft compelling essays to make your application stand out.

Financial Aid 101

Navigate the financial aid process and find funding options to help pay for college.

Internship Readiness

Develop key skills and build your resume to prepare for the job market.

Scholarship Bootcamp

Explore different scholarship opportunities and learn how to apply for them.

Financial Literacy

Gain the knowledge & tools you need to manage your money and make smart financial decisions.

College Fit

Evaluate your options and choose the right college for you, based on your goals and interests.

Need College Help?

SMASH College Compass is a low-cost, virtual one-on-one college coaching service that gives students guidance to help them navigate the complex process of higher education.

Through personalized college admissions support, our college coaches are trained to equip your students with the skills necessary to identify, apply, and commit to their best-fit college.